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Introduction: Casting metal casting for the most used material.

* Sand mold casting (Sand Casting)
Using sand as a mold material, depending on the composition of the sand can be further broken down into the wet sand casting method (Green Sand Mold), the surface of dry sand casting method (Dry Sand Mold), etc., but not all can be used for sand casting.
Advantage of lower cost, because the mold is used in sand can be reused; drawback is time-consuming mold making, mold itself can not be reused, to be destroyed to obtain the finished product after.

* Metal die casting (Die Casting)
Higher melting point than the raw materials using the metal mold production. Which is subdivided into gravity casting, low pressure casting and high pressure casting.
Subject to the melting point of the mold may be cast metal has also been limited.

* Lost-wax method (Investment Casting, Lost-wax casting)
This method can be outer membrane casting and solid casting.
First need to copy the wax casting objects, and then immersed in the pool with ceramic and to be dry, so that, covered with a layer of wax replicas of ceramic membrane, repeating these steps until sufficient support for casting off the outer membrane.

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