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Introduction: In 1988,Gong Leun Metal Industrial Co Ltd.,formerly called Yun-Chun Foundry,moved to Min-Shuang Industrial Area,Chia-I.The semi-automatic molding method and the High Frequency Induction Furnace were introduced to out new factory,and we now produce two major types of casting, one is gray iron casting,and the other is ductile iron casting.We alse offer customized products depending on the buyers\' specifications. Concerning the issue of quality control,we adopted ARL 3460 Spectrometer and CE meter to analyze the constitution of the iron casting, and adopted the Metallurgical Microscope to analyze the iron casting structure. Each batch of iron casting is always tested carefully and completely, to ensure casting quality.
To improve our products both in quality and in quantity,we adopted the DISAMATIC 2070 MK2-S Molding System from GEORG FISCHER DISA A/S,Denmark. Casting with this system provides a high level of precision, thus using less material for each product and making it easier to make final modifications, such as drilling, milling, shaping,etc.this system is fully operational and produces excellent casting products.
In conclusion,with the manufacturing equipment in our factiry, we can produce 1000 tons of casting products each month, and alse produce a single products each month, and alse produce a single casting product, with a maximum weight of 5500 kg,using thn No-bake Molding System.We will keep fo9cusing on the improvement of production technology, to provide the best quality, the most reasonable price, and the most accurate delivery.With these prowerful tools, we will help our buyers to gain an advantge in goday\'s market place. Let\'s grow, together.

Member ID: 195 Company ID: 22950742
Person in Charge: Tsung-An Chiu
Address: NO.36 Chen-Kuang Street Min Shiung Industrial area Chia-Yi County,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Phone:886-05-2212872 Fax: 886-05-2214370
Factory Addr: NO.36 Chen-Kuang Street Min Shiung Industrial area Chia-Yi County,Taiwan,R.O.C.
Factory Tel:05-2212872 Factory Fax: 05-2214370
Home Page: www.gongluen.com.tw E-Mail: gl.c450118@msa.hinet.net
Capital:US 781 (Thousand Dollars) Volumns: US5 (Thousand Dollars)
  Employee: 40
Casting Materials: Cast Iron,球狀石墨Cast Iron,高鉻Cast Iron, Member Group: Cast Iron,
Bank:  Capacity: 7200 (ton/year)

Molding Equipment: Green Sand Automatic Molding,Self-hardening Sand Molding,
Melting Equipment Induction Furnace,
QC Equipment: Spectrometer,Microscope,Tension Testing M/C,Hardness Tester ,CE Meter,


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3F., No.84, Sec 2, Jianguo N. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 104473, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-2-2501 2162 FAX: 886-2-2507 6423
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