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During the past 40 years, Blown Film Extrusion Machines from Taiwan have taken a big share of global market; Chuo Yii Enterprise Co. has joined to this market 20 years ago. Nowadays, she works for more than 45 countries in the world by exporting the excellent products, the main core of blown film machinery - Air Ring and Die Head.

Owing to the excellent Venturi effect Air Ring and Die head, and from mono layer blown film to multi-layer film; Shopping bag film, barrier film, to lamination film, Chuo Yii provides a wide range of Air Rings and Die Heads optionally.

Machine assemblers know their way of solution to various air blown problems since they count on Chuo Yii and rely on Chuo Yii's techniques.

Owing to the self-owned Aluminum alloy sand casting foundry, and the sound CNC machining center, she works strongly in the field of plastic blown film extrusion industries. Except Chuo Yii Air Ring and Die Head or the related accessories, she also works for OEM Aluminum foundry items for marine, robot parts or industrial parts.

Air rings and die heads expert --- Chuo Yii Enterprise Co., with Aluminum alloy sand casting foundry, and CNC machining center, she has been in the field of plastic blown film more than 20 years. OEM works also includes: Air Ring, Die Head and huge size Aluminum Sand Casting objects.

All are made in her own house; each process of working is under very strict process control, CY products are always kept extraordinary good and at high performance.

CY air rings and die heads are working properly under maximum output capacity, lowest gauge variation (low film thickness variation), bubble stability, glossy, neat film rolled up as well as durable and long life purposes.

All sorts of blown films such as HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE / PP / PVC / PA / PLA, mono / multi-layer up to 7 layers are included in our production filed.

Aluminum Sand Casting Foundry OEM is also a very important work for those who need giant size Aluminum sand casting object; especially with some special design or high challenge works; such as Robot parts, Machining tool, Marine parts, Textile machine parts, Auto parts, Hydraulic parts, Agricultural machine parts and etc. We have full experience and working facilities; and well organized methods to meet each customer need.

Member ID: 637 Company ID: 25050456
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Address: No. 258-75, Anding, Anding Dist., Tainan City 745, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone:886-06-5925056 Fax: 886-06-5975273
Factory Addr: No. 258-75, Anding, Anding Dist., Tainan City 745, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Factory Tel:06-5925056 Factory Fax: 06-5925056
Home Page: www.airring.com.tw/ E-Mail: chuoyii@gmail.com
Capital:US 312 (Thousand Dollars) Volumns: US1562 (Thousand Dollars)
  Employee: 32
Casting Materials: Aluminum Casting, Member Group: Nonferrous Cast Alloy,
Bank:  Capacity: 600 (ton/year)

Molding Equipment:
Melting Equipment Electric Resistance,
QC Equipment: Hardness Tester ,


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