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Introduction: Long Yue Cast-Press Co., Ltd. establishes in October, Year 73 of the Republic of China(1984) . Establishment of Long Yue with capital raised? 5,000,000 NTD.?The first produce of specialized field is die-casting products of Zinc-Alloy and Aluminum-Alloy . The initial stage hangs with Christmas~ accessories and golf lord piece and die-casting an on behalf the work is main, at the first.

In Year 75 of the Republic of China (1986), for expand our company’s technical specification, we have began to produce some products. Grasp to die-casting’s mission with continually different industry to technical exchange, discusser, and consult with other country’s technical, hope to develop products even more , and then promote our company ‘s technical to new milestone of die-casting industry. After we heave our technical, for getting with the market’s request of variety , our company have starting producing the hardware of the furniture, across out and die-casting the product of the core business gradually the into the typing the material the combination the product at the same time, and also we would moved our factory to WuGu Hsiang and added some machinery equipment to set up our production line.

Beginning year 78 of the Republic of China(1989) produces the microphone and uses of the essence of the metals also exports directly to Japan, the beginning exports the professional work directly and received foreign customer’s order . In summer of same year , starting the contact car spare parts of the same period, produce for customer every kind of regarding metals as accessories of the principal axis.

Start the manufacturing of the stethoscope in Year 83 of the Republic of China(1994), go through half a year to break through some technical, tries March was done in Year 84 of the Republic of China1995) through half a year and appear on market the sale formally, ratio been exported by the representative director promotes in abroad personally and start from that times on and promotes gradually at the same year November, head for the realm of the manufacturing of the medical and surgical equipment also and formally.

In year 85 of the Republic of China(1996), our business volume raised up very early, we have began to stride develop, produce of medical, under the every kind of difficult technical challenge, we hold 『new request & changing』, 『perfectly satisfactory』to satisfied customer request.

In year 90 of the Republic of China(2001), our company have made inroads on typhoon of Nali, flood to 160cm high, all of the utensil of production, products , equipment have been damaged for flooded , making our company received serious lose since establishment. But we have still to hold to our customer’s promise discount forever spirit with our co-worker pull together, and our supplier , our customer’s support, one by one to exclude layer upon layer the difficulty , we spent only one month to restore our production line, continue supply our products of high quality to our customer, come through the best difficult test.

For making head into smoothly the internationalization, adhere to the personnel to turn actively, the everything standardize, produce the quality the superior quality to turn, quality high the principle of management that equalize, promote the ISO 9001, ISO13485 the system of the quality beginning to Oct.2004 . Establish the quality policies the whole member the quality control, active improvement, the customer is satisfied, intend and guarantee the method of the system of the system by quality , encourage the employee actively enterprising and exertive team spirit, promote the company the management the efficiency and the management system of the quality to turn, provide the customer with satisfied service, expand more wide market, for company the everlasting the target of the management is firm to descend firm foundation.

We have passed the test and verify of ISO 9001:2000 the system of the quality on Nov. 2004. Hope set up the system of the quality to reach customer’s quality request.

Member ID: 161 Company ID: 31337275
Person in Charge: LIN YU JEN
Address: No.60, Wuquan 7th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone:886-02-2299-0911 Fax: 886-02-2298-4565
Factory Addr: No.60, Wuquan 7th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Factory Tel:02-2299-0911 Factory Fax: 02-2298-4565
Home Page: www.longyue.com.tw E-Mail: ly0001@ms29.hinet.net
Capital:US 156 (Thousand Dollars) Volumns: US1875 (Thousand Dollars)
  Employee: 25
7.scissors ,,,,,,,etc..

1.Home five metals handle
2.Automobile accessories
3.Electronic accessories
4.Sanitary equipment,,,,,,,etc..

Casting Materials: 鋅合金、鋁合金、 Member Group: Nonferrous Cast Alloy,
Bank:  Capacity: 0 (ton/year)

Molding Equipment: Die Casting,
Melting Equipment Electric Resistance,
QC Equipment:


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