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Introduction: We product Stainless Steel, carbon steel,alloy steel, High-Cr steel, special request is welcome. We foucs on valve, pump, impeller, flange, pipe fitting and hardware casting parts. We have sand casting and lost wax casting process.

Member ID: 377 Company ID: 22291100
Person in Charge:
Address: No. 13, Minle St., Douliou City, Yunlin, Taiwan 640, R.O.C.
Phone:886-05-5571308 Fax: 886-05-5571309
Factory Addr: No. 13, Minle St., Douliou City, Yunlin, Taiwan 640, R.O.C.
Factory Tel:05-5571308 Factory Fax: 05-5571309
Home Page: fengchengmetal.diytrade.com E-Mail: casting.tw@msa.hinet.net
Capital:US 187 (Thousand Dollars) Volumns: US937 (Thousand Dollars)
  Employee: 30
Main_Product: valve, pump, impeller, ball valve, hardware etc. ....
Casting Materials: Cast Iron,Cast Steel,304#、316#、316#L、WCB、HiCr、合金鋼、 Member Group: Cast Steel,Nonferrous Cast Alloy,Precision Casting,
Bank:  Capacity: 200 (ton/year)

Molding Equipment: Green Sand Reclamation System,脫蠟精密鑄造、
Melting Equipment Induction Furnace,
QC Equipment:


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3F., No.84, Sec 2, Jianguo N. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 104473, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-2-2501 2162 FAX: 886-2-2507 6423
Resolution: 800 x 600